Single Release | 'Come All You Coal Miners / Take Me To Harlan'

Posted on 5th Oct 2018


Béla & Abigail's new arrangement of "Come All You Coal Miners / Take Me To Harlan" was released today online! Listen or purchase the single at the links below.

Béla and Abigail pay tribute to the deep Appalachian heritage found in Harlan, KY in this powerful arrangement. In "Come All You Coal Miners / Take Me To Harlan", inspired by their 2017 album Echo in the Valley, Fleck and Washburn celebrate a Southern past life while reflecting on timeless human behaviors still relevant in today's world.

'Come All You Coal Miners' is their take on Sarah Ogan Gunning's ballad surrounding the struggle for worker's rights. An early 20th century coal miner’s wife from rural Kentucky, Gunning centered her life's work around protecting the basic human rights of those affected by the coal mining industry in her community.

Transitioning into their original tune, 'Take Me To Harlan' celebrates the common theme in humans’ connections to their homes and the pattern of human movement away from home places toward urban centers. It's theme of deep remembrance reflects on the struggles of growing up and the choice to leave, coupled with the profound love that remains in our old home places, despite the pain we might have experience there. 

Watch their video collaboration with Pilobolus dance company here.


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